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Ferrite magnet 10x3 mm

Maximum force to pull a magnet off a steel plate - 0.15 kg

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Ferrite magnetic disks 10*3 mm are made from strontium ferrite and iron oxide and exhibit high coercive force, which indicates good resistance to demagnetization. Ferrites are less expensive than neodymium magnets, which gives them an advantage when outstanding magnetic field results are not required. The operating temperature of ferrite magnets is from -40 to +250 degrees Celsius. Examples of application of ferrite magnetic disks: speakers; loudspeakers; sensors; production of children's table toys; souvenir products; teaching aids; stationery.


Permanent magnet


Magnet shape: disc


Material: Strontium Ferrite


Magnet size: 10*3 mm, diameter 10mm, thickness 3mm


Magnetized axially to size 3 mm


Magnet weight: 1.18 g.


Magnet pull-out force from steel plate: 0.15 kg

Article ID ME0673
Material Ferrite
Shape Disc
Diameter 10 mm (+/-0.1 mm)
Thickness 3 mm (+/-0.1 mm)
Direction of magnetisation axial (parallel to thickness)
Coating no coating
Weight 1.15 g
Grade Y30
Vertical Pull: 0.15 кг
Slide Resistance: 0.03 кг
Max. working temperature 250°C
Curie temperature 450 °C
Remanence Br 0.4 T
Coericive Forces Hcb 175-210 kA/m
Intrisic Coercivity Hcj 180-220 kA/m
Maxmum energy product (BH)max 26-30 kJ/m³
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